My first short film – a music video

Here is a link to my first short film, a music video on the theme of heroes.


Hello world!


This is my very first blog post, how exciting. My name is Chloe Bingham, I’m 18 and I’m an aspiring writer/ director, I would love to direct documentary or drama.

My journey of wanting to be a writer started off after reading the Tracy Beaker series by Jacqueline Wilson. It was summer 2004, a young 8 year old version of myself was sitting in my room bored out of my skull because I’d refused my mum’s offer to do a summer programs. I was wondering what to do and then noticed the Jacqueline Wilson boxset my auntie had got me for my birthday a year previously sitting on my shelf, I thought what the heck I’d give it a try and ever since then I’ve been engrossed. It was after reading the Harry Potter books that I decided I wanted to be a writer – cliche I know – as I laughed as Harry killed boggarts, felt sincere pain as Dobby died and smiled as Harry watched his children go off to Hogwarts, I decided I wanted to be able to do that too, I wanted to be able to transport someone to another world simply through words on a page, I believe good writers’ are very skilled as it’s a very hard skill to achieve.

It was again after watching the Harry Potter movies that I decided I wanted to direct. You’ve might have noticed I’m a big Harry Potter fan. David Yates, Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron and Mike Newell, the four directors of the Harry Potter films, all managed to do such an incredible job directing the films and bringing Rowling’s vision to life and also creating the films in a way that mirrored the images I’d imagined in my head . When sitting back in the cinema and watching the films brought to life, I decided I wanted to be able to do that too.

This blog will be used to showcase my latest film work. Feel free to subscribe and follow me on my journey to becoming a film director.